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Sandra and Tom Larson in their home after enrolling with LKiChoice

LKiChoice Participant Feature: Sandra and Tom Larson

Susie Myers, Senior Enrollment Specialist with LKiChoice, recently had the pleasure to visit Sandra Larson, and her husband to help with her in-home enrollment process. Sandra and her husband/caregiver, Tom, live in Holmen, Wisconsin. Their lovely apartment can fit their personal and health needs. With their patio door open and fresh air coming in, Sandra and Tom talked about their plans to plant geraniums and petunias as soon as the weather turns. The couple’s long-term goal is to enjoy life in the apartment on their terms for as long as possible. Apart of LKiChoice’s self-directed care network, in-home enrollment aims to make living at home a long-term reality.

Susie asked Sandra and Tom how they felt about enrolling with LKIChoice and their ability to manage their self-directed services. The couple expressed gratitude for the in-home enrollment process. It added comfort and trust into their lives as self-directed care services can be, at times, very confusing.

Tom reports that he had a start date within a day of the enrollment. They reported that they did have a little bit of a “snafu” when they sent in their first timesheet. When faxed, the sheet was too dark for our LKIChoice payroll to read. However, Tom says, “I called LKiChoice and a friendly team member told me to put the time sheet on the refrigerator, take a picture, and then send it in via the email address on my paperwork.”  Tom said that this has been a much better process and was thankful for the tip and friendly support.

Sandra’s goal is to stay in her apartment for as long as she can. She also has support from a nursing agency to support her, give Tom some respite, and give them peace of mind when Tom has plans outside of the home. Sandra states, “I wouldn’t be able to stay living in my home without the support of the program.”

Additionally, Tom and Sandra shared they are celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in May! LKiChoice extends our congratulations to a wonderful couple and are thankful they are part of the LKIChoice family!

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