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Self-Direction Made Simple

Living your best life means getting the services you need from people you trust. At LKiChoice, we take care of the paperwork, payroll, tax filings and other administrative work involved in hiring and managing Direct Care Professionals. You save time and hassles, and keep the flexibility and freedom of getting services from the people you choose, in your home and community.

Choose the service and the Direct Care Professional that work best for you.

We make it easier for you to hire people you trust to provide the services you need and simplify the payment process.

Serving our neighbors and communities for more than 50 years.

Since 1972, our company has developed and provided innovative solutions to make it possible for our neighbors in Wisconsin to access the services they need while staying in their homes and communities. LKiChoice is ready to help find and manage your choice of Direct Care Professionals, and help Direct Care Professionals focus on meeting the needs of the people they serve.

Direct Care Professionals

Want to add your name to our database for home-based care opportunities?

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