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Consumer Directed Services Made Simple

Living your best life means getting the services you need from people you trust. At LKiChoice, we take care of the paperwork, payroll, tax filings and other administrative work involved in hiring and managing Direct Care Professionals. You save time and hassles, and keep the flexibility and freedom of getting Consumer Directed Services from the people you choose, in your home and community.

Choose the service and the Direct Care Professional that work best for you.

We make it easier for you to hire people you trust to provide the services you need and simplify the payment process.

Providing Consumer Directed Services to our Wisconsin neighbors and communities for more than 20 years.

The LKiChoice Difference

At LKi, we take pride in our commitment to ensuring the enrollment, onboarding, and ongoing processes are completed with precision and accuracy. Our focus on the individual sets us apart, making us not only easy to work with but also the preferred consumer directed services for many case managers.

In-Home Enrollment and Orientation

We offer a range of enrollment options, with our most successful being a personalized visit to the individual’s home. During this visit, we guide participants through the enrollment process and necessary forms, as well as covering how the program works once enrollment is complete. Key topics covered include:

  1. Self-Direction Information
  2. Enrollment Process
  3. Participant Paperwork
  4. Direct Care Professional and Vendor Paperwork
  5. Hiring and Managing Direct Care Professionals and Vendors (employees)
  6. Timesheets and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  7. Other Onboarding Topics

Our goal is to simplify the process and have it completed as quickly and accurately as possible. Our in-home enrollment services are currently serving many communities in Wisconsin, and we continue to expand these services. Check out our in-home enrollment services coverage area in Wisconsin here.

Direct Care Professional Registry

We actively build and maintain a list of over 500 Direct Care Professionals that are available to provide in-home services. When an individual has a need for additional caregiver services or when they struggle to find high-quality Direct Care Professionals, case managers can contact us. They can use this list to connect individuals with potential Direct Care Professionals, ensuring timely and fitting support for the individual. Providing this service to case managers helps to offer a seamless approach to ensuring individuals receive the supports and services they need.

Focus is on the Participant

We recognize the value of having a personal connection and promise that each participant is assigned a contact that gets to know them and their needs. Our team is based in Wisconsin, and we answer calls as they come to us–there is no call center. We focus on understanding each individuals needs and will work with them to best deliver the supports and services they need.

Kind words from the people who know us best.

Direct Care Professionals

Want to add your name to our database for home-based care opportunities?

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