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About Us

Our Mission

To enrich choice and independence for people who choose self-direction by providing great communication, efficient support services, excellent customer service, and the freedom to choose the services needed and who provides them.

Our company has been a leader in providing long-term care solutions to Wisconsin communities for more than 50 years, including residential, in-home care, and self-direction. LKiChoice was one of the first to offer Fiscal Agent services to support people who choose self-direction.

You’re in charge. We’re here to help.

As a participant, you have complete control over your services. LKiChoice supports you in building the life you want and getting the services you need, on your terms. The support services we offer are customized to meet the needs of the agencies and people we work with, providing more choice and freedom to manage Direct Care Professionals, schedules and the types of services they receive — all in the comfort of their homes and neighborhoods.


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Direct Care Professionals: Focus on helping people stay independent and active in their communities.

We maintain an extensive database of in-home Direct Care Professionals that you can access whenever you need services, creating new opportunities for you. We also make it simpler for you to file Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), receive payments, and keep your skills up to date with training programs. Add your name to our database if you’d like to take on additional responsibilities in your community, or refer a skilled and experienced in-home Direct Care Professional to us.

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