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The Value of Using Web Entry for Timesheets

Web Entry is an online way track your hours daily instead of filling out a paper timesheet that then needs to be sent to LKiChoice. Web Entry takes away the need for a paper timesheet and allows you to submit your timesheet information with just a few clicks of your mouse. No more faxing, mailing or taking a picture of your timesheet to email into the office. Web Entry is a one stop shop for your timesheet.

Each day when the Direct Care Professional finishes their shift, they can login to Web Entry and enter the start and end time for the Participant. The Participant can either review the hours daily or wait until the last day of the pay period to view and approve the hours.


Reasons to Use Web Entry

  • No paper timesheet to submit
  • No calling and/or waiting to verify receipt of your timesheet
  • The Participant can easily approve hours by one click of a button
  • Easy to use and easy to correct if a mistakes was made in error
  • No questions on what hours were worked as they are saved on Web Entry for your review
  • Participants are able to pull up resourceful reports showing Direct Care Professionals work history
  • Direct Care Professionals can easily print verification of hours
  • Deposits can be confirmed via email

Reminder: Web Entry does not take the place of EVV clock in/out. This must still be done if applicable.


How to Get Started with Web Entry

In order to use Web Entry, both the Participant and the Direct Care Professional must have a valid email address and internet access. If both these criteria are met, you can get started by creating an account at: . There are a series of training that can be accessed at:


If you have any questions, please contact us at: 608.326.0434 or 888.534.7225

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